Effective communication

Difficulties in public speaking? To express your ideas? Improve your communication skills and convey your message, win over your audience. After all, there is no choice: if we do not speak, others speak for us.

Life, like all discourse, has shape and form. The natural, clear and objective form of expression brings humans together. Barriers, insecurity and distortions in communication interfere with the excellence of life and leadership.

With this program, you will have access to techniques to establish empathy and connection, quickly and intensely, creating the trust necessary for effective communication.

Our methodology, fully practical and applicable in your day-to-day, will improve your perception, enabling you to identify more precisely the needs of customers and people in general.

You will better understand how the human mind works in decision-making and can apply this knowledge in different personal and professional areas, greatly increasing your chances of success.

Effective techniques will result in a clearer view of reality and how to deal with the present, freeing up blockages and insecurities, allowing you to master your oratory ability and persuasion skills, conducting effective presentations and successful negotiations.

Stress/Conflict Management

Stress is related to any demand made to the individual who forces himself to makesl with behavior that puts him on the edge. Faced with the demands of life, the job market and technology that makes us to  tuned in full-time, and to live under severe stressful stimulis. To some extent, stress can be considered a beneficial force that drives us to face the obstacles, and achieve our goals. But how to identify it and prevent it from being harmful to health and well being?

Through a unique methodology that combines elements of Integral Coaching and “The Work of Byron Katie”, you will learn a simple yet powerful process of researching, identifying and questioning thoughts that cause suffering, distress, anxiety and harm your health, your relationships and your goals. You will better understand how the human mind works, also learn to identify stress in your work, personal life, relationships applying this knowledge in different personal and professional areas, greatly increasing your chances of success.

Understanding what causes stress and identifying the stories produced by your mind to justify it, you will learn an effective method of liberation and well-being. This program, combined with a continuing practice of “The Work of Byron Katie” method will result in a good quality of life, excellence and leadership.

Team Work – Teams at Work and Interpersonal Relationship

Team work incentivizes the use of creativity and the development of knowledge. A joint effort when it is coordinated to maximize results while maintaining the quality of life of those that are part of it, it is even more rewarding for businesses and professionals.

The tools and techniques for this programme are Emocional Neuro-Reprogramming and “The Work of Byron Katie”, this program is totally different, because it, in a short time, meet the main needs of a working team. It is suitable for companies that want a harmonious and productive organizational environment. It was created to be used as a tool for the growth of working groups focused on immediate results. Our methodology has a comprehensive approach that values the professional, supporting their technical and emotional needs, proposing a negotiated solution to live more focused on excellence. We prepare the group to promote internal adjustments, to build up, or to leverage their results, getting relational health in their everyday life, improving business and relationships.

Excellence in Customer Service

Today, there is a great similarity between goods and services, because besides the fierce competition, companies work based on operational efficiency and total quality concepts. Against this background and in a market where supply is greater than demand, how to develop your differential and competitive advantage? Simple, invest in the human factor, ie, excellence in relations with your customers.

Through this program, you will develop important skills to establish successful personal interactions. You will understand the criteria for the establishment of a successful and lasting relationship with your customers. To identify profiles of behavior and quality standards, learning to deal satisfactorily with all of them. Communication techniques, service and negotiation will be discussed, through which you will expand your results, achieving excellence and leadership in business.