To meet Elaine on my path was a very special gift. Sensitive, warm –hearted and a very skilled professional, she helped me in one of the more difficult and delicate phases of my life. She helped me to find out my own answers and it changed my life forever and changed the way to see my life and to face problems.”

-Domnika Manova – Computer Engineer – (Amsterdam)

“After many years of unsuccessful attempts to stay pregnant with no physical explanation, Elaine has done a diagnosis and energetical treatment, using also acupuncture that resulted in a successful term pregnancy. Nowadays, when I look at Hannah, I remember of her with a lot of care.”

-Ruth Twort – Executive Producer – Londres

“One of the things I most admire in Elaine, besides her professionalism and knowledge, is the way she treats everyone with equal attention and care, making no difference if the client is a celebrity or our receptionist. She always sees the human element.

Stella Love – the Durley House Manager – London

“Before I met Elaine, I had never seen a professional to gather techniques to care for the body, mind and emotions, as she calls, this “triad”. As a nutritionist, specialized in oriental medicine and a Coach, her proposal is complete and complementary. Still, she works with great responsibility and professionalism, taking into account and respecting conventional treatments. I’m a doctor, but my knowledge and treatments were not sufficient to solve the problems I was facing, then somebody recommended Elaine and after talking to her in person, I felt that I could trust her and I do not regret it. She  “converted” me to a complementary therapies. In addition to solving my problem, she gave me valuable tips and tools which I use with my patients as well.”

Dr. Daniella M. C. – São Paulo – Brazil

“Working with a health and beauty website in England, I have attended many kind of  treatments, but I had never experienced anything like what Elaine offers; after a session of about an hour, we talked  to me about my characteristics and elucidated me doubts that years of conventional therapy had not reached! The technique developed by her is really something new! ”

– Claire Kellock – Health Consultant – London

“Elaine is a professional who perfectly combines technique and sensitivity. She took care of my body and my mind, helping me to find the answers I searched for years without realizing that they were very close, within myself.”

– Zdenka Beck-Bauer – Lawyer – London

“I suffered from depression for many years, drugs, therapies, nothing seemed to help. Going through a Coaching process with Elaine, using the tool of The Work of Byron Katie, I learned to investigate my stressful thoughts and ‘deconstruct’ the stories I had created in my “unfortunate”world. Result: now I see life differently and the depression is over “!

– van Spigel – Chef – Amsterdam

“In recent months, Elaine has been a therapist, friend and confidante. It is difficult to express in words how much her presence, personal and professional help were important to me and gave me strength to face a diagnosis of cancer. Thanks for the support! ”
Laura Régis Bittencourt – Architect – Rio de Janeiro

“I attended a lecture of Elaine about Stress Management at a Brazilian Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine (IBMR). After only two hours, I had a completely different view of some concepts that accompanied me my whole life and had caused me so much anxiety! I keep applying the method she suggested and I feel so much calmer, more serene and confident, like I’ve never felt before! ”

Regina M. Smith – Retired Teacher – Rio de Janeiro

“I was very impressed with how quick the results of Coaching’s method offered by Elaine were. They have been practical and applicable tools since the first meeting and these days, it’s what we need. The Work is something innovative and simple at the same time, a method that everyone should know. ”

– Maria Cristina C. – Lawyer – Sao Paulo

“I have attended countless lectures on stress management, but what I heard about The Work, the way I have applied and the results I have obtained, make me say that, certainly, it  is the most effective method I have had contact with.”

A.M.C. – University Teacher – IBMR