Life Coaching

Coaching is a process that guides the person to turn intentions in to actions leading to results. To transform dreams and possibilities in to reality. This process helps people to develop their abilities, skills and potentials becoming more efficient, secure and ready to face the challenges in the professional, personal, social and familiar life.


Professional Coaching

This is the form of Coaching that allows you to gain insight into your work and what you really want out of life, promoting a natural, meaningful and lasting change.




Nutrition Coaching

How much, what and when do we eat? What is the quality, variety, flavor and adequacy?  Yes, even adequacy is an important factor considering we are all different; not just physically, but also bio-energetically.




Enneagram & Bio Energetical Type Analysis

Our body is a book of memories. It tells the story of our life through its characteristics. Our mental, emotional end physical experiences are reflected in its skin, pulse, temperature, energetic flow and muscle tension.




Effective communication

Difficulties in public speaking? To express your ideas? Improve your communication skills and convey your message, win over your audience. After all, there is no choice: if we do not speak, others speak for us.