Nutrition Coaching

A person of average height, normal weight and with a moderate activity level will by the age of 70 have consumed 50 tons of food. During this time our skin is totally replaced every 5 weeks, our skeleton is replaced every 3 months and 98% of all atoms in our body are replaced in one year. It is without a doubt that our physical and emotional state of being is greatly influenced by the type of “fuel” we offer to our body.

How much, what and when do we eat?

What is the quality, variety, flavor and adequacy?

Yes, even adequacy is an important factor considering we are all different; not just physically, but also bio-energetically. At times of illness or recuperation, we should respect our characteristics and tendencies. During such times our diet is fundamentally important. It can help or aggravate the situation.

Combining western knowledge and ancient oriental wisdom, Elaine will help you find balance in your nutrition, without taking away the pleasure our daily food has to offer. Feeling well, energetic and having an adequate weight will just be a consequence of being in balance.

Nutrition is much more than you might think…