Life Coaching

Coaching is a process that guides the person to turn intentions in to actions leading to results. To transform dreams and possibilities in to reality. This process helps people to develop their abilities, skills and potentials becoming more efficient, secure and ready to face the challenges in the professional, personal, socia and familiar life.

The Coaching sessions are regular meetings, usually one hour each, once a week. During the meetings, the Personal Coach will talk with the client about the development of his/her competences and actions to achieve a goal. Helping the client to identify, clarify and solve questions that bother and/or stress them. The clients will always leave with some “homework” to be done, in order to help in finding their own answers.

 Life Coaching – Quality of Life

It involves discussions about relationships, work and professional life, but it is extremely useful to establish life-goals, to analyze personal values, believes, level of satisfaction (actual and desired).

  • To people that seek a more balanced life (physical, professional, emotional, familiar, cultural, social and inner peace). To obtain clarity about life project, mission and values.
  • People who want to improve a relationship (couples, business, familiar or team)
  • Phases of changes: divorce, moving home and/or city, country, etc
  • To whom seek more energy, disposition, motivation and health. Also recommended to people that want to loose weight and/or to improve habits and quality of life.

Adaptation/integration Coaching.

The arrival in a new country requires a number of changes in emotional, psychological and practical level. This new life offers many opportunities and ideas, also offers new challenges that often come accompanied by a “culture shock” to a greater or lesser degree. Matters before ordinary as friends, family, work, leisure, communication skills, socialization, can now become barriers to be overcome.

The Adaptation Coaching will be extremely useful in your life, work and relationships. It facilitate your acclimatization and understanding of its exterior and interior situation, helping to connect with yourself and your new environment.

The work can be done individually or small groups involving family or work team.