Enneagram & Bio Energetical Type Analysis

Our body is a book of memories. It tells the story of our life through its characteristics. Our mental, emotional end physical experiences are reflected in its skin, pulse, temperature, energetic flow and muscle tension. Our personality develops as a strategy to help us cope with the outer world. We can create, according to our experiences, “layers” that cover our true essence. This can put our inner peace and self-realization at risk.

The Eastern medicine sees the person as a whole. It’s important to treat our physical complaints, but even better to discover the source of our difficulties. The B.E.T.A. (Bio Energetical Type Analysis) is a unique resource created by Elaine after extensive research and experience integrating the ancient eastern knowledge and the western Enneagram and it can guide you to re-discover your true-self and help you to deal with your personal potentials and challenges. People, who have experienced B.E.T.A., consider it a very effective form of personal life coaching.

It is also very useful for parents, giving them a bio energetical overview of their childreen. It therefore creates a proper opportunity to help their childreen to develop their potentials and deal with their challenges.