Elaine in the press

Relax with a spot of retail therapy  by Susie Weldon, 3 de Dezembro de  2005 (Western Daily Press, UK) (at Durley House – London)

“Ensure that when visiting Durley House, it is one of the monthly weekend that Elaine de Oliveira is in London. The Brazilian therapist who lives in Amsterdam, has many fans in London she comes here once a month to attend them.

After a wonderful hour of treatment, I could understand why. What she does is not only a simple conversation, which itself is superb; Elaine is also a nutritionist and expert in Chinese Physiology, she tells you what she found out about you in terms of health and personality. The results are surprising and revealing.”

Joyce Pascowitch Magazine – September 2007

“The last time he was in Amsterdam, the Netherlands,  the florist Vic Meirelles also met Elaine de Oliveira. She is a Personal Coach and, she developed what she calls Bio Energetical Type Analysis, (an analysis of the energy biotype of each person). This allows her to give the customer a feedback of emotional characteristics and energy flow. It is an exercise in self-awareness and questioning the thoughts that cause stress and suffering. “The results are fantastic, so much that Madonna, Donna Karan and Gérard Depardieu are in her VIP list!”