About Elaine

My life, wich is characterized by changes and the experience of living in different states and countries, gave me skills in adaptating in a rich multicultural vision.

I was always interested by the Human being and it’s behavior and since I was young I liked to research and study on the subject and look for different reference sources. I followed a fundamentalist line, which sees the person as a whole and effectively acts in the body-mind-emotion triad.

I am a nutritionist, specialized in Oriental Medicine and a Coach (member of ICF – International Coaching Federation). Applying this knowledge in a complementary and integrated manner, using established methods such as NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Neuroscience, “The Work of Byron Katie”, etc, and with over 20 years experience in this area, I also developed unique tools such as Rescue Map, Neuro-Emotional Reprogramming  (NER), very practical tools and applicable day-by-day from the first session.


 The history of Coaching Time is, in essence, the story of my professional experience and as founder and it’s creator. In 1986, then developing training and development activities for big corporate organizations in the market, I became aware of the need for a more complete project. I turned to the development of professional skills and abilities and adopted an integrated approach, working on aspects of life of the Buman being, which could effectively contribute to awaken in people positive motivations, resulting in a full and fulfilling life, i.e. excellence of life and self leading.

Coaching Time is highly reconised in Executive & Life Coaching and implements of The Work (The Work of Byron Katie) in Brazil. Constantly investing in research and development of innovative methodologies, reaffirming commitment to satisfy my customers, offering the best techniques and solutions in quality of life, excellence and leadership.

In addition to its consolidated operations in Coaching and the application of The Work of Byron Katie method, the Coaching Time offers diagnostics, Competency Mapping, handwriting analysis, development of Quality of Life programs, as well as an unprecedented and effective methodology of Adaptation and Integration Coaching.

In individual facilitation processes, immersion workshops and training courses, already surpassed the figure of 1,000 people in more than 9,000 hours of service over the years of operation in Brazil and Europe. When the project requires, we form partnerships with professionals who have the same vision and commitment to meet the demand of projects.

In places where I work, I offer my experience and commitment to human development, whether personal or professional. All this work is based on sound principles of quality and efficiency in the fulfillment of all commitments and caring treatment, caring and without distinction for all those with whom Coaching Time relates.

Currently, in addition to strong performance in research, development of corporate projects and individual care, we offer a range of workshops, lectures and training courses, aimed at professionals working in Coaching, Education, Human Resources and Health.

What makes us unique is the innovative methodology, effective and immediate applicability of the techniques and tools available.

All work is developed with a high level of differentiation, customization and proven results.