To meet Elaine on my path was a very special gift. Sensitive, warm –hearted and a very skilled professional, she helped me in one of the more difficult and delicate phases of my life. She helped me to find out my own answers and it changed my life forever and changed the way to see my life and to face problems.”

-Domnika Manova – Computer Engineer – (Amsterdam)

“One of the things I most admire in Elaine, besides her professionalism and knowledge, is the way she treats everyone with equal attention and care, making no difference if the client is a celebrity or our receptionist. She always sees the human element.

Stella Love – the Durley House Manager London

About Coaching

Coaching is a process that guides the person to turn intentions in to actions leading to results. To transform dreams and possibilities into reality. This process helps people to develop their abilities, skills and potentials in becoming more efficient, secure and ready to face the challenges in the professional, personal, social and family life.